16 Apr 2024

2024 CIAM Plenary Meeting: Highlights

The 2024 CIAM Plenary Meeting took place in Lausanne from 12 to 13 April. It was the first time the meeting had been held in person since 2019. The format was slightly different as all the Technical Meetings were organised before the Plenary using Zoom, which enabled more interested persons to participate; therefore, the Plenary was attended mostly by the Delegates.


It was an election year, and after the vote, most of the Bureau members from the previous two years retained their positions:

Antonis Papadopoulos - President, Bruno Delor - 1st Vice President, Narve Jensen – 2nd Vice President, Andras Ree - 3rd Vice President, Massimo Semoli Secretary, Ian Kaynes - F1 S/C Chairman, Peter Uhlig - F3 Aerobatics S/C Chairman, Tomas Bartovsky – F3 Soaring S/C Chairman, Stefan Wolf – F3 Helicopter S/C Chairman, Barrie Lever – F3 Pylon Racing S/C Chairman, Pal Linden Antoninsen – F4 Scale S/C Chairman,  Sotir Lazarkov – F5 Electrics S/C Chairman, Johannes Eissing – F7 Aerostats S/C Chairman, Bruno Delor – F9 Drone Sports S/C Chairman, Zoran Pelagic – SM S/C Chairman and Per Findahl – Education S/C Chairman. Two new members were elected to join the Bureau, Ron Miasnikov – Technical Secretary and Pavol Barbaric – F2 S/C Chairman.


The following awards were approved by the Plenary.

Alphonse Penaud Diploma

  • Jan van VLIET (NED)
  • Krysztof PRZYBYTEK (POL)

Andrei Tupolev Diploma

  • Leszek MALMYGA (POL)

Antonov Diploma

  • Vladimir HORVAT (CRO)

Frank Ehling Diploma                                     

  • Csontos ARPAD (SVK)


The CIAM Scholarship was awarded to Imre Czikár (HUN).


Most important rules changes:

  • F9U class (Drone Racing) is now official class with World Championships in even years
  • F1Q will also be part of the Juniors CAT1 events
  • A new entry fee scheme was approved
  • F2G class is now an official class
  • F3G class is now an official class


The following Championships were awarded:

  • 2026 FAI F1 World Championships for Juniors – North Macedonia
  • 2026 FAI F1D World Championship – USA
  • 2026 FAI F4 World Championship – United Kingdom
  • 2027 FAI F1 World Championships – Mongolia
  • 2027 FAI F5J World Championship – USA
  • 2025 FAI F1 European Championships – Romania
  • 2025 FAI F1D European Championship – Romania
  • 2026 FAI F1E European Championship – Romania
  • 2026 FAI F3A European Championship – France
  • 2026 FAI F3K European Championship – Romania
  • 2026 FAI F5J European Championship – France


The survey conducted by CIAM was presented to the delegates and will soon be made available to all members.

Next meeting

The next Plenary meeting will be organised in Lausanne in 2025.