24 May 2024

2024 FAI e-Drone Racing World Cup dates revealed!

A calendar of five FAI e-Drone Racing World Cup events has been announced, and registration is now open! The five events in the FAI calendar will take place between June and November 2024, and pilots will compete together online from all across the globe.

Lightning reactions and hyper focus will be required for pilots to stay on top of the rankings during the World Cup competitions. After all the five events have been completed, the best placed pilot in the ranking will be awarded the title of 2024 e-Drone Racing World Cup champion.

Just as in physical drone racing, the pilots will navigate around obstacles at speeds of well over 160km/h, on the track which is revealed just before the race. The EreaDrone simulator can allow track designers to create all sorts of settings from cityscapes, forests or castles to industrial locations.

Registration and qualification

Requirements to compete:

  • A game controller (e.g. Xbox), or radio transmitter which may be identified as a controller by Windows (FrSky, RadioMaster, Taranis, BetaFPV, etc.)
  • A Windows computer with a video monitor and an internet connection
  • An EreaDrone license: Purchase here
  • See EreaDrone specs

It is free to register, and you can do so online now (registration opened 18 May 2024). The practice and qualification period for this first event will run from 25 May to 8 June, prior to the main competition starting on 15 June. Registration for the second event begins on 22 June.

Registration periods last for three weeks, during which time competitors may practice and then compete in the qualification round. The fastest recorded time over their attempts will be recorded during the qualification stage.

Once qualifications are over, the top 64 pilots will go through to the first stage of the two day competition There are eight races on the first day (eight races of eight pilots) and 16 races (with four pilots per race) on the second day. 

The total World Cup score of the competitors will be the sum of their best three event results. FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) medals and diplomas will be awarded to the three best placed, with other prizes awarded as available. There is currently a 1800USD cash prize pool thanks to four sponsors: Gemfan, iFlight, Runcam and SpeedyPizzaDrones.

Join the community

The final day of each event will be livestreamed on the FAI Youtube Channel with commentary in English.


EreaDrone standard
Image: EreaDrone