14 Sep 2019

4 rounds - 5 x 000! PGA Worlds booming in Serbia.

Today is Day 5 of the 10th FAI Worlds Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Vršac, Serbia. The day started in the middle of Round 4.

The weather condition has been tricky during the past several days. On September 10th which was the competition Day 1, a practice round for all competitors had been done before Round 1. Then it was back wind direction for Day 2, and over-limit wind strength for Day 3 in the afternoon.

Day 4 was a long day by starting early in the morning. We had the first “000” of the competition in Round 2 by Jafro Megawanto from Indonesia, three more ZEROs in the same round later by Thierriaz Johann from France and Radek Vaclavik and Jan Sirl from the Czech Republic. Vlastimil Kricnar from the Czech Republic has also made 000 in round 4. Those pilots were specially awarded by the organizer. Congrats!

Stay tuned!

Live-updating result here: https://pgaworlds.com/results/

Report kindly offered by Jun Zhang - FAI Steward.