14 Mar 2006

All Fees In Euros

The last Plenary (Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2006) decided that our account is now to be in Euros. Consequently, all payments of sanction fees to CIVL must be made in this currency by NAC and organisers of Category 1 and 2 competitions.

For Category 1 competitions…

Intentions to bid must be accompanied by a sanction fee deposit of 640 Euros to the CIVL’s FAI account. This deposit will be refunded if the bid is unsuccessful.

For Category 2 competitions…

The FAI fee is equivalent to one pilot entry fee, including any compulsory extras (transportation, retrieve, etc), but not including accommodation. The minimum amount to be paid is 20 Euros.

For Category 1 and 2 competitions…

The procedures for bank transfers must be strictly observed. If they are not, at best delays will occur and additional bank charges will be made. At worst, the transfer will fail completely.

We therefore kindly invite you to read carefully the information about the procedures through the following link : https://entry.credit-suisse.ch/csfs/p/cb/en/zahlung_konten/zahlungvkr/zvr_iban.jsp

Essentially, the Bank clearing code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN code must always be included.

Here are the full banking references, which must be used for all payments:

Credit Suisse Private Banking Rue du Lion d'Or 5-7 Case postale 2468 CH - 1002 Lausanne


Account name : Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

Account number for Euros transfert exclusively: 0425-457968-32 IBAN code: CH49 0442 5045 7968 3200 0