21 May 2006

Class I (women), II, V World Championship, Task 3

May the 20th… A perfect hot Florida spring day. The best conditions of the year, so far, announced at the pilots' briefing. Hardly any wind, so all pilots can land at Quest after a more or less square circuit. 127,6 km for Class I; 176,6 for Class II; 150,7 for Class V. The best of the year ended up being the best of the meet and the women, again, had a hard time completing the task. The rigids and Swift did better, with 60 and 100% at goal. The task results… Class I: Kari Castle (USA), Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER), Natalia Khamlova (RUS) Class II: Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), Brian Porter (USA), Robin Hamilton (UK) Class V: Robert Reisinger (AUT), Alessandro Ploner (ITA), Gil Souviron (FRA) Overall… Class I: Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER), Kari Castle (USA), Natalia Khamlova (RUS) Team: USA, DEU, RUS Class II: Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), Robin Hamilton (UK), Brian Porter (USA) Team: USA, AUT, GBR ClassV: Robert Reisinger (AUT), Alessandro Ploner (ITA), Christian Ciech (ITA) Team: FRA, ITA, AUT Complete (unofficial) results can be found at http://flytec.com/Events/2006/2_5_w_worlds/scores.htm