01 Feb 2006

European and World Championships : Register!

There will be this summer four Category 1 championships : the Hang gliding European, the Paragliding European, the Aerobatic World, the Rigid and Women Hang gliding World. Those competitions are spread from May to August. Which means it’s time for the participating NAC to register their pilots NOW! Rigid and Women Hang gliding World Groveland, Florida, USA - May 18th to 27th Entry deadline: February 1st Online Entry Form at http://www.flytec.com/ Hang gliding European Opatija, Croatia – June 16th to 29th Entry deadline: April 30th Online Entry Form at http://www.homo-volans.hr/Paragliding European Morzine, France – July 1st to 14th Entry deadline: April 1st Online Entry Form at http://www.europaragliding.com/ Aerobatic Hang gliding and Paragliding World Villeneuve, Switzerland – August 16th to 27th Entry deadline: May 15th