21 May 2020

A list of cancelled CIVL events

Usually, if the event is Cancelled we remove it from FAI calendar. Nowadays though, we think it may be useful to keep track of all currently cancelled events.

We have created a list of all events that we completely cancelled by the organizers. As of May 21, 2020 we have 41 event. 

Please find the list on this page https://www.fai.org/page/civl-events-cancellations. It will be updated as needed.

Please pay attention that we have another big group of events that definitely will not be held in their original dates but the organizers consider it possible to hold them at some later date. Such events are still on FAI calendar but are marked as SUSPENDED.

We invite all the organizers to check their events and, if they are not possible to be held, inform us to mark them Cancelled or Suspended as appropriate. You can make a comment in your event application on ams.fai.org.