27 Feb 2006

Paragliding Accuracy: UK rules!

The Paragliding Accuracy pre-World has just been completed in Trakai, Lithuania. The event took place from February 16th to 19th on the frozen Galves Lake, with take-offs with stationary winches whatever the wind direction.

The competition attracted 70 pilots from 8 countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Five of the pilots were female. The competition schedule was very tight, but even with though weather, the extremely efficient Lithuanian towing system permitted four rounds (ca 300 flights) that were completed just six hours (!).

The results in individual category: 1. Andy Webster (Great Britain) 2. Tomas Lednik (Czech Republic) 3. Dusan Gorenc (Slovenia)

Teams: 1. Great Britain 2. Czech Republic 3. Slovenia