10 May 2017

PGA Worlds tough rivalry

The competition is now officially valid and the rivalry continues to be intense at the 9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championships with competitor discarding their worst score at the end of the fifth round.

Andrew Cowley, FAI Jury President, tells us in brief about the course of event. "The quality of the flying by the competitors remains astonishing with an average of eleven zeros per round on the score board and the top 27 competitors within ten points of each other; averaging a score of two and half centimetres per round. 
Although overnight rain cleared the air, the weather, especially the wind in terms of strength and direction, mostly continues to be favourable, however, occasional cloud covering the launch point has interrupted the proceedings. The forecast is favourable for the next couple of days and even though there is a suggestion there may be strong winds at the end of the week, the event organisers are working hard to ensure the maximum amount of flying is achieved".

The comp leaders currently are Tzevant Tzolov (BGR) - 3, Anton Svolisak (SLO) - 4, Matijaz Sluga (SLO) - 5.

Find the photos from event. On the title photo you can see the current leader - Tvetan Tzolov (BGR).

Current results are on the competition website  https://paragliding.al/published-results/