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17 May 2024

The World Games 2025 winning logo revealed

The International World Games Association (IWGA) has revealed its new logo for The World Games 2025 in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China. Designers from across the globe submitted almost 10,000 ideas for logos, mascots and slogans to the Local Organising Committee, with the winning logo announced on 17 May 2024.

The design, by renowned British graphic artist John Fairley, integrates three symbols which weave the spirit of Chengdu into The World Games 2025: the overall hibiscus flower shape, the giant panda in black and the Chinese knot in the centre. His logo won 55,679 votes.

Fairley gives an insight into his creative design: 

"The arrangement of these geometric elements not only signifies the interconnected fate of humanity but also underscores respect for cultural diversity across nations. This balance between individuality and mutual respect finds its purest expression in the sporting arena. My sincere wish is that athletes from all corners of the globe, regardless of race or nationality, engage in friendly and wholehearted competition at The World Games 2025 Chengdu next summer."

Fairley’s design was chosen from among the 3,562 logo ideas received. The committee received 1,924 mascot creations and 3,749 slogans in total; the new mascot and slogans will be divulged during the ‘One Year To Go’ event in August this year.

International World Games Association (IWGA) President, José Perurena showed his appreciation for all those who entered submissions:

“On behalf of The World Games community, I would like to thank all the contest participants and congratulate the winner. Taking in worldwide contributions wasn’t an easy task, but this new logo has received unanimous praise from those who have seen it. The IWGA is looking forward to its use in the forefront of the promotion of Chengdu 2025.”

About The World Games 2025

The multisport event will be held between 7-17 August 2025 in Chengdu and will feature no less than 35 sports, 61 disciplines and a total of 254 medal events. For many athletes, competing in The World Games is a major career highlight. 

FAI air sports have been included in The World Games since 1997 and 2025 will feature Drone Racing for the second time. 

Drone Racing pilot at The World Games 2022 Image: IWGA