Instructional Aids

This is a Collection Of Aviation And Space Instructional Aids which are presented in four parts, each broken up into easily downloaded .pdf files.

Collection of Aviation and Space Instructional Aids


Introduction Part 1

Introduction Part 2

Introduction Part 3

Introduction Part 4

Introduction Part 5

Section 1 - Background information

The Scope of Aerospace

The Space Age in Perspective

How can Aerospace Education Benefit My Teaching?

The Aerospace Curriculum

Elementary Aviation Glossary

Aerospace Career Specialization Chart

To Fly!

Introduction to Space Flight

Aerospace Concepts (Elementary Level)

Aerospace Activities in the Elementary School

Elementary Education

Aviation Education Ideas

How Project on Flight Could Develop

College / University Curriculum Descriptions

A Teacher Orientation

High School Programs

Source Acknowledgements Section 1

Section 2 - Curriculum Units and Activities

Flight in Nature

The Realm of Flight

Man in Flight

Chronology of Aerospace Events

Classroom Activities

The Community and Its Airport

Bubble Classroom - A Closed Environment

Project Air Bear


Flying Feather Aeroplanes


Example of Young Artists Contest Rules

Aviation and Aerospace Education Clubs

Non - School Organized Youth Activities

Source Acknowledgements - section 2

Section 3 - Worksheets and Study Aids

"Birds Fly, Why Can't I?"

Power For Flight

Calculating Your "Horsepower"

Air Sports and More

The Heritage of Flight

Aircraft in Agriculture

Aircraft Categories

The Main Parts of an Airplane

What Makes An Aircraft Fly

Anatomy of a Jetliner

How Fast Can We Travel

Man Improves on Nature

Careers In Aviation

Where In The World Are We?

Where In The World Are We?


The Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle continued


Space - Above and Beyond

Source Acknowledgements - section 3